Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s Ode in Persian for Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Ay tu keh hast har dil-i-mahzoon saraa-ye tu 
Aavardeh-am saraa-ye digar az baraa-ye tu

Oh Thou whose home is every melancholy heart
I have brought other homes too just for thy sake


Khwajeh beh takht bandah-i-tashveesh-i-mulk-o-maal
Bar khaak rashk-i khosraw-i-dawraan gadaa-ye tu

The rulers on their thrones are slaves to anxiety of land and wealth
Upon the dusty earth, Oh envy of the rulers of the age, is thy mendicant!

Aanjaa qasida-khwaani-ye-lazzaat-i seem o zarr
Eenjaa faqt hadees-i nishaat-i laqaa-ye tu

There are odes in praise of the pleasures of silver and gold
Here, only the tradition of the joy of thy countenance

Aatish-fashaan zi qahr o malaamat zabaan-i shaykh
Az ashk-i-tarz-i-dard-i-ghareebaan radaa-ye tu

The fire-breathing tongue of the shaykh speaks of terror and reproach
From the tears of the way of pain of the poor, is thy cloak!

Baayad keh zulmaan-i jehaan ra sadaa konad
Roozi ba-soo-ye adl o inaayat sadaa-ye tu!

This sinner of the world will definitely cry out
On a Day when for justice and grace there is only thy cry!


“By bowing down…

People assembled at Chrar Shareef shrine

“By bowing down, thou shalt not become a Rishi, the pounder in the rice mill did not ever raise up its head.”

“By entering a cave, God cannot be attained, the mongoose and the rat seldom come out of their holes.”

“By bathing, the mind will not be cleansed, The fish and the otter never ascend the bank.”

“If God was just pleased by fasting, the indigent rarely cook food in pots.”

Shaykh ul Aalam