Sarcastic Srinagar

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This short satire was written on Saturday, 5 December 2009 & still it feels apt

City of Venice

Circa December 2008  – Omer Abdullah, CM in waiting : Srinagar will be transformed into Venice..

December 2009 – Srinagar is in menace (courtesy: man-made disaster) & Venice is sinking in water (natural disaster) & incumbent CM quotes ‘Roads are arteries to progress“..

VENICE – A romantic city of 118 islands in lagoon, a UNESCO world HERITAGE site, a car free city where roads don’t exist & streets filled with water having tourists flowing in it exist. The Venetian love their art of stonework & visit the cathedrals on Sundays…

SRINAGAR – A city of graves where the dug-up roads fail to re-carpet themselves. The pothole  laden roads are dug-up in the name of Drains, choked drains, sewerage pipes & restoration work of roads are left to mercy of time making it a strong contender for UNESCO World Historic site jointly along with Waziristan. It’s a city where cars zoom in mud & the tourists pay obeisance to dust of virtual roads & locals love the art to deal with the leftover Stones of the ghastly ghostly roads on Fridays….

TRIVIA – By law in Venice, DOGS must be Muzzled, kept on Leash & cleaned up after all time, whereas in Srinagar, where Human to Dog ratio is 10:1, the humans are muzzled & kept on leash under AFSPA law & DOGS are given freehand to unleash a reign of terror. LONG LIVE PETA & MANEKA!…

TAILPIECE : Lesson for Omar Abdullah is that don’t act as overconfident MERCHANT OF VENICE but take a lesson from the Shakespeare’s play by noting the quote in MERCHANT OF VENICE – ‘ALL THAT GLISTERS IS NOT GOLD’… Lesson for us is that what Venetians love, Srinagarites hate & vice versa…